This is a short note about revival. We hear this word being abuse so much. We call a little one-week conference, a charismatic service where the Spirit move some and an unusual service, REVIVAL. But I want you to know that revival is so much bigger and that even as we all should believe God for a great revival, we need to stop over-exaggerating stuff that is not even close to what a true revival is. When we do that we not only fool ourselves, but we also deceive God’s people. So here are some basic characteristics I have seen concerning this topic. In a true revival we see,

  1. An overwhelming spirit of repentance.

  2. An unusual hunger for God’s glory.

  3. Personal long times of prayer. People actually develop a prayer life.

  4. Personal transformations and Community impact; it brings about personal, social and cultural change.

  5. Different denominations coming together.

  6. Great number of people getting save.

  7. Physical and emotional healing.

  8. Creative miracles.

  9. Signs and wonders.

10. No room for racism. (Everybody see each other by the Spirit)

11. A true family of believers; they have close relationships outside of the Sundays services.

12. A place where the doors of the church are constantly open for gatherings. In Azusa they had three services every single day for over three years. That is because the demand for spiritual and physical healing was great. You can’t claim to have a revival and all you have going is your regular Sunday Service and your Mid-Week Bible Study.

13. A place where the Holy Spirit has total control; no agendas of men are able to stand.

14. Persecution from the world and man-made religion. The devil hates revival and it will come against it!

I hope these characteristics help you so that you don’t be fooled by false claims of revival.

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