A Simple Sincere Prayer

Jesus, how amazing you are. I give you glory this morning. In this cold Alaska day I feel the warmth of your presence. I can hear the beautiful sounds of the trumpets of your mercy.
How can such majestic God know me so well? How can such purity taken the time to saved my nasty soul? I am overwhelmed by your love Jesus. I am nothing without you!
Please be the ruler of my heart, take over my mind, and wash me with your blood for my sins are before you. You know me! You have witnessed the many times I lost the mark. I need you, establish the first commandment in my heart, may your Kingdom be manifested in my life.
Have your way today Jesus, let me be like you. Grow in me until there is nothing left of me. I love you and I am grateful.
Now would you hear me as I intercede for your church?
We are cold, filled with agendas of man, unloving and divided. We have closed our eyes to the desire of reconciliation. Our hearts are of stone. Oh God, we need to be revived! Awaken your church, set us on fire Lord, fill us with your Holy Spirit, and manifest yourself in us and through us today.
In Jesus name…Amen!