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Think Twice Before Inviting Me to Preach at Your Church


There are problems in every local church, ministry or movement. I have seen plenty of that! What is very rare is to find a pastor or a leader who is willing to crucify his/her pride, free themselves from their denominational prisons and radically and with no compromise follow the whole counsel of God’s Word. It is indeed a frustrating thing when, even after truths is shown and confirmed in God’s Word, these men and women insist in following error.

            I am not perfect and I be the first one to share my shameful sins and failures as lessons to stay and pursue the righteous path of our God. I have fail many times, but the God I serve will never fail in anything.

             God’s mercy in my life has been too amazing for me to turn my back on HIM just so that I can gain your favor. My challenge is to communicate these message in love, but the message does not change because of you.

              To this I may add, that if you are a pastor and you are considering inviting me to preach at your church, know that I will preach what the Lord tells me to preach and not necessarily what you want to hear. I love pastors and leaders who faithfully serve in the local church and I love God’s people in general. However, my loyalty is to God’s truth and not to your denomination, manipulations and political correctness. So you may want to think twice before inviting me to preach at your church.

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