I Vote For Doctors Over Attorneys In Washington


Let me just say this and I mean no disrespect! If you are an attorney please don’t get offended! I believe that one of the main problems we are having in Washington is that attorneys, for far too long, have controlled it.

         See, attorneys, in essence, defend people, many of them guilty. So they are the best liars. An attorney expertise is not necessarily to follow the law, but how to manipulate the law. The manipulation of the law is what makes them successful. Have you ever ran into a situation where a law allows or prohibit something and you go, WHAT? There is an attorney behind that nonsense!

         Now, not all attorney and lawyers are like that, there are so many honest ones out there, but I am talking specifically about the ones in Washington.

         On the other hand, a successful doctor is somebody that saves lives and a successful architect is in the business of building. This is just to mention two professions, there are more. It is time for change. Don’t you think? I can tell you this, in 2016, if a successful doctor runs for office, he has my vote.

To My Mom


Wow, a mom, what a powerful person! You can mess up in life and believe me; everybody will give up on you, but mom! If your mom gave up on you, you really, really mess up!

            The older I get, the more I learn to value my mom. The reality is that nobody have shown me more Agape love on this earth than my mom. She knows the good; she knows the bad and the ugly in me. I can be thousands of miles away from her and she can still sense in her spirit when I am struggling, when I am sad, upset…it is truly amazing!

            A true mother is not selfish, does not position her self in the center of everything and do not brag about her, but about her children. She always prefers her children’s wellbeing over her own. She pays attention to her children’s lives. By the way, no mater how old you get, you are still a child before her eyes; that can be annoying at times, but she can’t help it, she is a mom.

            In a time where there is a crisis of everything, including mothers, how bless I am to know that my mom is still alive and that she is all what a mom should be.

            She was there and took care of me as a baby, she took the time to teach me how to read and write, she was there in my sports, my music, she was there in my pain, my failures, in tragedies, in divorce, in good times and in terrible times. As I moved from Puerto Rico to Florida as a young man, as I moved to North Carolina and now to Alaska, I have found friends, new friends and many people who were a part of my life for a season, but my mother has been the constant; always there for me.

            Thank you mom for not giving up on me, for your wisdom and sincerity. Thank you for not divorcing my dad back in the days when you had a reason to do so. You considered us and stayed…I am glad you did! Oh, I know, I did not always listen to you and for that I pay a painful price, but that was not your fault, but mine. Happy mother’s day and everyday!

The Honest Words of a Frustrated Preacher


How do you stay faithful to God’s people as you stand in disagreement with our current church leadership? Have we become like the church of Constantine; Looking good and prosperous from the outside, but abandoning God’s Word on the inside? A time where the word of a man was considered level with the Word of God. Are we the institutionalized church of today, the church that everybody can see, but in reality is not the true bride of Christ?

            What is it that I can do? I am a simple preacher who grew up in a small town in Puerto Rico. I am nobody; I have no power and I have no influence. Should I start a new local church? Should I start a new denomination? Does the world need a new expression of this thing we call the church? Is division the only answer? Is there anybody out there that feels the way I feel?

            How do you stay faithful to God’s people as you stand in disagreement with our current church leadership? I am so dissatisfied, I am so fed-up, so tired of the hypocrisy, the Business Network-like approach to church as the substitution to the Apostolic order.

            What about the “heroes” of our faith today? They are television stars, with their fancy houses, fancy clothing and fancy life-styles. They are cowards who spread their demonic doctrine of materialism. They are false prophets and teachers who deny Jesus’ Gospel to rather be friends with the world. All they speak about is money. They have members as if they are a part of a prestigious social club, but no desire to make disciples or to be disciples for that matter. They seek buildings over the power available to transform lives.

            Their message is empty and un-anointed sounding more like motivational speakers and not like the ambassadors of God’s Word that they are supposed to be. The focus is on what can we get. The focus is Me, Myself and I. They moved away from sacrifice and the confrontation of sin; those kinds of messages could affect their “Bottom Line.” Ya know! That is because the Word is no longer the center of their message, but they offer themselves as the main event.

            How do you stay faithful to God’s people as you stand in disagreement with our current church leadership? Am I looking for perfection? How can I demand a perfection that I don’t have? But I am looking for a man who is willing to follow God, a man who is willing to humble himself before the prophet when sin is revealed. Where is such man? I don’t see one, not one that is willing to place God above their denominational ideologies, not one that is willing to bring down the walls of his own pride.

            How do you stay faithful to God’s people as you stand in disagreement with our current church leadership? I don’t know, perhaps I am the problem! Who am I, after all, to even ask these questions?