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I Vote For Doctors Over Attorneys In Washington


Let me just say this and I mean no disrespect! If you are an attorney please don’t get offended! I believe that one of the main problems we are having in Washington is that attorneys, for far too long, have controlled it.

         See, attorneys, in essence, defend people, many of them guilty. So they are the best liars. An attorney expertise is not necessarily to follow the law, but how to manipulate the law. The manipulation of the law is what makes them successful. Have you ever ran into a situation where a law allows or prohibit something and you go, WHAT? There is an attorney behind that nonsense!

         Now, not all attorney and lawyers are like that, there are so many honest ones out there, but I am talking specifically about the ones in Washington.

         On the other hand, a successful doctor is somebody that saves lives and a successful architect is in the business of building. This is just to mention two professions, there are more. It is time for change. Don’t you think? I can tell you this, in 2016, if a successful doctor runs for office, he has my vote.

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