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Wow, a mom, what a powerful person! You can mess up in life and believe me; everybody will give up on you, but mom! If your mom gave up on you, you really, really mess up!

            The older I get, the more I learn to value my mom. The reality is that nobody have shown me more Agape love on this earth than my mom. She knows the good; she knows the bad and the ugly in me. I can be thousands of miles away from her and she can still sense in her spirit when I am struggling, when I am sad, upset…it is truly amazing!

            A true mother is not selfish, does not position her self in the center of everything and do not brag about her, but about her children. She always prefers her children’s wellbeing over her own. She pays attention to her children’s lives. By the way, no mater how old you get, you are still a child before her eyes; that can be annoying at times, but she can’t help it, she is a mom.

            In a time where there is a crisis of everything, including mothers, how bless I am to know that my mom is still alive and that she is all what a mom should be.

            She was there and took care of me as a baby, she took the time to teach me how to read and write, she was there in my sports, my music, she was there in my pain, my failures, in tragedies, in divorce, in good times and in terrible times. As I moved from Puerto Rico to Florida as a young man, as I moved to North Carolina and now to Alaska, I have found friends, new friends and many people who were a part of my life for a season, but my mother has been the constant; always there for me.

            Thank you mom for not giving up on me, for your wisdom and sincerity. Thank you for not divorcing my dad back in the days when you had a reason to do so. You considered us and stayed…I am glad you did! Oh, I know, I did not always listen to you and for that I pay a painful price, but that was not your fault, but mine. Happy mother’s day and everyday!

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