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Public Exposure of Sin


Pride will cause us to feel ashamed for the exposed sin in our lives. However, pride is not effective regarding our secret sins. We actually learn to become comfortable with the sins that no one can see. In other words, pride will cause us to feel sorry because we got caught, not because of the sin itself. Public exposure of sin is the mask of our pretending coming off.

            Humility, on the other hand, causes us to see the awesomeness of God and the nastiness of our humanity more clearly. The secret place is unable to be a comfortable place for the humble to sin. Publicly exposed or not, the humble finds conviction, repentance and restoration.

            The humble posses a special appreciation for God and a transparency before the world as people that have nothing to hide, nothing to loose and nothing to prove. God’s mercy does not become an excuse to sin, but a motivation to change.

            The historical root of sin is pride; it started in the heart of Satan and is spreading around the world as a doctrinal disease that weakens our homes, our society, our nations and even the church.

            Pride argues against our need for forgiveness and it places us at the center of the world. Pride, further more, argues against our need for God. That is why God resist   the proud. Not because lack of love, but because nothing can be done as long as your philosophy of live is centered in you. When you are the center of your life, then you will go as far as you can take yourself. You will indeed prosper, if you work hard, but your soul will never prosper.

            So we need to be broken like wild horses, until we learn to surrender. Many will never learn; they will die singing, “I did it my way”. When our sins, as Christians, are exposed, it will be a stumbling block for the Body and for the unbeliever and it will affect your ministry tremendously, but at the end of the day, perhaps that public exposure of your sin, is the best medicine for your proud heart.

        A proper prospective of the greatness of God, in contrast with our awfulness without Him, is the beginning of humility and the start of great spiritual promotions in God’s Kingdom.

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