I am expecting great and mighty things from the Lord. I believe with all my heart that our only hope is revival. We must be revive. Our challenge is to love each other and to trust God even in our darkest hour.

     I am in a battle; what’s new! I have friends that I want to see totally restored and I pray my eyes be able to see that amazing day coming. I have some who don’t like me, who don’t understand the passion that burns in my heart; I have others that are there for me, in the good, the bad and the ugly.

     I pray the Lord forms in me the humility that I lack to fight a new kind of fight for the sake of my friends, brothers, sister, family and for the glory of my God.

     The fight that I am engaging in for the next six months is worth fighting and I expect victory because it is not my battle, but the Lord’s. I will follow HIS guidance and I will trust my GOD, no matter what my eyes can or cannot see. Love never fails!

I don’t need your money; I only need your prayers!

Brother Angel Casiano

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