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The Box of the Devil’s Fault


I see a spiritual laziness that I have never seen before; a lack of Godly leadership, I sense a lack of passion, no interest, I see a sense of conformity, a satisfaction, a compliance with the establishment that is sickening indeed. We have found our way out that releases us from any accountability or responsibility.

            We blame the devil for everything. It is all the devil’s fault. Any problem, any challenge or any uncomfortable emotion is the devil’s fault. We don’t take responsibility for anything; we don’t speak about the need for repentance, we don’t seek God’s wisdom to resolve anything, we just place everything in the box of the devil’s fault.

            People get mad, frustrated, angry and comfortable with an attitude of un-forgiveness. God’s people are choking with roots of bitterness. Bitterness is paralyzing growth and burning the possibility of any development of fruit.

            We casually say things such as, “God will take care of me.” But we teach half-truths as we omit good stewardship; it is all about rejecting personal responsibility and blaming the devil for everything. We teach a grace that rejects truths. We teach forgiveness of sins without the need for repentance.

            I burn the box of the devil’s fault in Jesus name and I say let conviction arise and let us prepare the way of the Lord. Let us be ready for the judgment of God that will start with us and in us. Let us prepare our hearts; let us get ready for the release of His Shekinah Glory that will manifest as the end-time harvest. Oh, may us become a bride without wrinkles and may us be ready for the coming of the Lord.

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