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Announcing the Opening of Casiano’s Martial Arts


There are thousands of martial arts schools in the United States. Here in Fairbanks, a city of over 90,000 people, we have around 10 schools. So why start another Martial Arts school? Why Casiano’s Martial Arts?

     No doubt that this business is a way for me to make a living. I have six children; two currently in college. So I want to make money; plenty of it, so that I can provide a decent living for my family. However, the reason for Casiano’s Martial Arts’ existence goes beyond making money.

     I desire to make a difference in this community by offering a martial arts program that goes beyond kicking and punching. I desire a martial arts program where my students can truly exercise their bodies, their minds, and their spirits. I want my students to go beyond just learning how to fight. They must learn something far more useful; how to defend themselves and others. I want my students to learn not only practical self-defense, but self-defense that does not require throwing a punch or a kick; and they can achieve this by avoiding certain places, certain situations, certain behaviors and yes, certain people.

     At CMA, we are interested not only in our student’s physical ability to throw punches and kicks, but we care even more about how they are doing at home. We want to know that our students respect and honor their parents. Students are expected to do well in school with good grades and good behavior. We want to positively affect the way our students carry themselves in their daily walk. We want to impart strong values of commitment, honor, loyalty and hard work. We want to be fountains of encouragement for excellence and success. We want our students to have a vision for their life, to establish goals, and to exercise a passion to improve their own communities.

     Furthermore, we present God and our Lord Jesus Christ as the way of life. Our moral teachings are not the traditional martial arts oriental teachings, but the teachings and lessons found in God’s Word. Nevertheless, we will not reject anyone just because they are not Christians. Everyone is welcome.

     We want the youth, we want the troubled, the children, the broken, and the adults that have always dreamt about learning martial arts; and we want you. Whatever your experience is, your motivation or abilities; you will always find something in our program that you will be able to carry for the rest of your life.

     When we started our program in Jacksonville, Florida and later in Gates County, North Carolina; I saw how grateful many of the parents were as they told me how this program helped their children in school and in their physical conditioning. I remember how all of the mothers in my program got together and asked me to open a summer camp as they would rather pay me than anybody else to care for their children. I will always remember that!

     We started our program in Jacksonville, Florida. We expanded the program to North Carolina. Now, we are proud and excited to be a part of the family of the golden city of Fairbanks, Alaska. Come and experience the Power!

Where: JP Jones Community Development Center

Address: 2400 Rickert St, Fairbanks, AK 99701

When: We are set to start in August; registration dates will be announced.

No contracts!

For more information please call Sensei Angel Casiano at


Also visit our Facebook page at,




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