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Good Wood Splitting, Horrible Tree Cutting “My Alaska Journey Continues”


Well, I am becoming a monster in the splitting wood department. It is an amazing exercise! However, in the cutting trees department, it is a totally different story.

         I make plans for a tree to fall on one direction and, for the most part, the tree falls far away from my target. However, the last time I brought some trees down, I had some success. I though I was all that and a bag of chips. I was convinced that I was ready for a greater challenge.

          I was confident that today I was going to do something precise and amazing. But today was terrible. I brought down a tree that landed totally on the opposite direction, on top of all the cables connected to the house. I thought I was ready, but nope, not even close!

         We still have power, phone and Internet at the house, but I got one cable down so I have to deal with that. That thing landed almost on top of my GMC, but the other cables were there to hold the tree down.  My Camry was close to, and my wife’s BMW…Oh my Lord!!!!! Guys, I got yell at and almost cuss at. It was a humbling experience.

         Today, as I saw that tree going down straight to the cables and cars I saw my marriage, my life and everything else, coming down with the tree.

          The bottom line is, that what I did today is the end-result of my pride. Why is it that we men find it so hard to ask for help? I am not ready to cut trees with such precision! I need to take some classes with an experience tree cutter and learn a thing or two. That’s what my wife told me to do by the way!

         Today, I learned a lesson, or, should I say I was reminded of something I already knew? Pride will hurt us and pride will hurt others. Thank God everybody is ok!

         Any experienced tree cutter that would like to volunteer his time, this upcoming Saturday to teach me how to properly bring down these trees? I am humbled, teachable and ready to learn now.

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