I am moving forward by getting things done and by stopping the wait for others to follow up and follow through.

I am looking for men who are tired of the status quo and tired of waiting, when The Lord already said to GO!

I am moving forward with brave men; not cowards who are more concerned with offending men rather than obeying God.

I am leaving behind those whom, calling themselves Christians, have no fear of God; who always have a “but” after God’s Word is presented, and who are more interested in titles and positions rather than in God’s anointing.

While they discuss the Bishop to be and, while they speak about old age as a qualification for ministry, I hear the painful regret of those in prison; they need a word from The Lord!

I hear the fear and hopeless spirit of those in the hospital, I feel the anger of the fatherless, I hear the hungry, those that are not ready for the winter, and those who lack the needed clothing.

I close my eyes and I hear a peculiar cry, the cry of the widows that can be heard loudly in the heart of God and a cry that we must not ignore. They need a Word from the Lord!

So it is time to get things done. You can talk if you want to, you can schedule your next political meetings, you can continue to manipulate numbers to validate your ministry, but I am getting back to work in the business of The Lord!

I am simply moving forward!

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