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Celebrating Four Years of Blogging


Four years! Glory to God! I am very grateful to Pastor Jose L. Bosque who got me involved in this wonderful world of blogging. Also, I thank God for my son Angelo Casiano, for editing many of these articles and, I thank you all for taking the time to read, especially those who took the time to comment and send me personal e-mails. God bless you all!

These are our top ten articles:


Nuestra Terqueza y la Gloria de Dios 4,014
Unmasking the Ancient Ways of Satan Part 1 2,782
About 2,440
The Tower of Babel Vs Pentecost Part 2 2,302
Thank You For Allowing Me to Minister in Your Church 2,235
Learning About Worship from my Dog Pochito 2,187
The Power of the Anointing 1,997
About Revival Part 1 1,902
Prepare for Battle 1,878
Let’s Have Some Fun! 1,656


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