What Determines Our Lifestyle?


What are you listening to? What is the main message of the local church you area part of? Are they always fighting among themselves? Are they manipulating the Word of God to push a personal agenda? Is the preaching and Bible studies contaminated with bad doctrine? What you and I listen to is important because faith comes by hearing (Romans 10:17) and, what we need to listen to is, the unadulterated Word of God. However, this is the warning, everything else comes by hearing also. Doubt, depression, anger, frustration, negativity; etc.

     What we listen to will affect our believe system. We need to be very careful with the believe system we and our families are exposed to. What we believe will give birth to a value system and our value system will determine our life style. What we keep believing will be the direction of our future, that is, good or bad!

One response to “What Determines Our Lifestyle?”

  1. Jon Avatar

    What we put in comes out. You can’t listen to trash, watch trash, be around trash all day and glorify the LORD!! Guard your heart for it is the wellspring of life. What you put in influences greatly your heart!!!!!


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