The death of Robin Williams is another example of how extreme, cruel and bloody this fight is.

Here is a man who seemed so happy. One of the best actors of our time; perhaps the best comedian ever. However, it was all a mask. In his secret place he was struggling with a severe depression. How can that be? All the money and all the fame! But we fail to understand that our hearts will always be empty without Christ.

I felt the death of this man and it reminded me that we are in a war to win the souls of men. We are not on this earth to change the world; the world will never change for the good; it will indeed get worst.

We are here to announce God’s Kingdom and to bring people into the knowledge and the righteousness of God. We are here to communicate to the world that God’s ways are indescribably, better than ours.

Beloved, while we prepare for our Sunday shows, while we fight among each other, while we insist in our selfish agendas, while we insist in feeding un-forgiveness, the white thing, the black thing, the Latino thing and, while we pursue degrees and titles, people are not waiting for their natural death, they are rushing into death by taking their own lives.

Let’s focus on Jesus, let’s pursue His breaking joke anointing and, let’s stop trying to change the world, but work on our own world, until our world looks exactly like God’s kingdom.

Let’s love each other so that world be able to recognize us as sons and daughters of God. For God’s judgment start with us!

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