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Free From Spiritual Slavery


Even as there are some elements of racism in some churches in America, ultimately, it may not be a white and black issue. However, more deeply, it may be an issue of biblical vs unbiblical.

     We must stand by God’s Word and not find ourselves compromising just because of our racial reality, preference or family traditions.

     We can only find freedom in the truth; if we don’t go after the truth, we will continue to be slaves. We will suffer the worst slavery, a greater horror than the physical and social slavery of our ancestors. That is, the spiritual slavery at the hands of doctrinal heresy that will eventually lead us to hell.

     Many of our ancestors were slave, but they were spiritually free. Their prayers can still be heard today. Their prayers gave us freedom and opportunities, but some are choosing slavery over freedom today.

     Sunday after Sunday they expose themselves to contaminated messages filled with selfish agendas, carnality, intellectualism, personal attacks, at times, feel good preaching, man-made religion and emotionalism. I encourage you today, be free according to John 8:32.

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. (KJV)

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