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The Vision of Casiano’s Martial Arts

 Since I was a young teen I’ve had a passion for fighting. I will go as far as saying that I was filled with a violent spirit. I was always attracted by martial Arts, but martial arts cost money that my parents were not wiling to pay, so I engaged in boxing since it was free. I actually got involved in Martial Arts in my mid-twenties.

            When I became a Christian, somebody sent me an article that spoke very passionately against Christians getting involved with martial arts. I remember throwing away everything I had related to Martial Arts, trophies, equipment, certificate, etc. At least I knew that the spirit of violence was lifted out of me; it was not important to fight or compete anymore. I did not look back for five years.

            One morning, my prayer partner, James Burch, prophesied that God was going to use martial arts in my life for His glory. I told my friend that he was in the flesh. Shortly after that, there was a group of young people in my church who wanted me to teach them martial arts. They convinced me because I also saw the opportunity to minister the gospel to them. I told them to bring friends and they did.

            Even as I started teaching, I was not convinced that I was doing the right thing. All that changed when I saw people getting saved. Not only did student respond to the gospel, but also their parents. Unfortunately, I lost my passion for martial arts years ago. I don’t talk about martial arts, I don’t really read much about martial arts, but I saw it as an instrument to bring forth the gospel. Ministering the gospel is the foundational vision of our program.

            Two years ago I went to the Gospel Martial Arts Union Conference and took a small class with Master Michael Proctor. That class changed my life forever as a martial artist. I liked the traditional martial arts, but not presenting a way to defend ourselves from the brutality of the street, I considered us irresponsible. So my vision to my martial arts program is as follows.

“To present the gospel to the lost, to make disciples and to offer a high quality martial arts program where our students are able to defend themselves from the brutality of the streets by learning self defense without throwing a punch. That is, by avoiding certain situations, people, and places. However, in cases where physical self-defense is absolutely necessary, they will have the confidence and ability to apply simple, practical, and powerful techniques so their chances of coming out alive from those dangerous situations will be in their favor.”

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