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I just found out that Tyler Perry is going to be a father. I did not even know he had a wife. Oh, wait a minute; he is not marry? No he is not, but he is celebrating as if is a good thing to have sex outside of marriage. I have personally fallen short in that area many times. Believe me when I tell you, it is not fun! The shame of that sin is intolerable.

The main issue here is that sin does not call for celebration; sin calls for repentance.    Repentance brings forth forgiveness and forgiveness bring forth reconciliation and restoration.

The Bible applies to all of us; the rules do not change just because he is a celebrity or because I am a minister, etc.

I know, we are humans, we make mistakes, we struggle with issues of the flesh. However, that is not a reason to embrace a lifestyle of sin. We get up, we repent and we pursue holiness. We admit when we are wrong, we acknowledge the authority of God’s Word and we move forward with God’s truth.

May the Lord help Tyler Perry and may He send somebody that be more interested on his soul than on his money.

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