The Republican establishment is coming against Christians, Conservatives and the T-Party Americans. Even as bad as the Democratic Party is, Republicans are pushing us away. Unless they wake up, they will see another Clinton in the White House in 2016.

         We don’t want Republicans to move to the middle zone. We don’t want Republicans to emphasize on working together with Democrats. The problem is that togetherness with the Democratic Party means to compromise with their liberal destructive agenda.

         Listen!!!!!!! We don’t want the Romney kind, the Christie kind or the Jeb Bush kind. We want a candidate that is not ashamed of the bold colors of conservatism. We want Republicans to get things done and stop talking about it. We are tired of speeches. We are tired of the “yes we can”-garbage we got over six years ago that turned into the blaming Bush song for every failure of this administration. We are tired of the lack of accountability and the incompetence that we are witnessing in our current government. We don’t want another liberal party; we want a party that is not politically ashamed of conservatism. Give this nation a political contrast!

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