Promoted to the 5th Degree Black Belt

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I want to take this opportunity to give glory to God. This weekend was a blessing to me. I came to the International Gospel Martial Arts Union Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. I was invited to teach, but the greatest blessing was to be able to learn from amazing, humble and Godly Martial Artist.

The GMAU tested me for Senior Sensei. I passed the test with a 92. Not perfect, that is because I have plenty of room for growth. But what an amazing privilege!
I was also promoted to the 5th Degree Black Belt. I was expecting to be promoted to the 4th degree, but that is the God I serve; He always out gives us.
I am very motivated to work even harder in our Casiano’s Martial Arts Program in Fairbanks, Ak.  I was ask to close the event in prayer; perhaps that was the greatest honor. I was in tears as the overwhelming presence of God touched my heart in a very special way.
I want to take this opportunity to recognize Dr. JR Russell, & 8th Dan GMAU President & Executive Director. I thank God for this man for his friendship and uncompromising commitment to the Lord. Dr. Russell is also a senior pastor and I can’t wait to visit his church tomorrow.
Also I want to thank God for Grandmaster, Mike Proctor who change my life as a martial arts instructor. It was so good to be able to fellowship with him this weekend.
My sincere thanks also to, 10th Dan Keith Yates; so glad I got to know him a little better. This man is one of the highest ranked martial artist in our country, but I thank God for his humility and passion for the Gospel and the great commission.
Praise the Living God and all glory to HIM!

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