If you are perfect and have always done the right thing when it comes down to your sexuality, this series of articles are not for you. If you are the husband of one wife, stayed sexually pure until marriage and don’t remember what it feels like to be single, this series is not for you either.

         However, if you know that, independently of your social status and reputation, you are constantly giving your secret place to sexual perversion, this series is Holy Ghost inspired to help you.

         I am going to be honest, transparent, but also Biblical. This series is written in love and with great compassion to help men all over the world understand this brutal battle and know how to have victory in this area.

         I was in Indianapolis, Indiana for the 2014 Christian Martial Arts Union Annual Conference. I was far away from my wife, my children and from our home in Fairbanks, Alaska. I felt so exhausted from such a long trip. I must say that either I am getting fatter or the airplanes are getting smaller; my body was surely hurting, my flesh was surely weak.

         As I arrived in my hotel room, all by myself, I prayed a short prayer thanking God for bringing me to Indianapolis safely. I then turned on the TV and started flipping channels. Very quickly I landed on HBO and less than 15 minutes after arriving in that luxurious room at the Hyatt’s Hotel, I had a beautiful, sensual and naked woman on my giant screen TV. She got my attention as I momentarily stopped flipping the channels. After a few seconds I did flip the channel again and refused to keep looking, but the reality is that I did look.

         I want you guys to understand that, not only was I in Indianapolis for this conference, but above all, I wanted to spend time alone with God. I wanted for God to speak to me in that hotel room, I wanted to feel His presence, I wanted for HIM to renew my strength and I wanted revival to start in my own heart. But now, I needed to chose; God or Pornography?


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