On the Phone

Don’t you miss the times when people actually talk to each other over a cup of coffee, maybe some tea or juice? They actually pay complete attention to each other.
Now people talk to each holding a phone, while searching the net or texting somebody else. Even worst, you see them across the table from each other, each holding the phone and zero communication amongst themselves.
So many ways of instant communication surely has increased our communication’s quantity, but our quality… well, that’s a different story.
Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate technology, but I despise what is doing to us. I actually miss the days when people actually did nothing, but talk to each other. I guess those were the good all days!
Can we just talk?

2 responses to “Can We Just Talk?”

  1. joshua miex Avatar

    Its because everyone is worried about everyone else and what their doing, its ruining relationship, people are conversating about other people business, correction judging other peoples lives from a pic or a post ,its sad to me because nobody really has intellectual conversations anymore, this is how I get my intellectual conversations by reading your post brother, this is a big issue in everybodys home, technology is what it is but it should not consume your life.


    1. angelcasiano Avatar

      Bless you brother Joshua. May the Lord use you mightily with the message that burns in your heart. He already gave you a powerful voice!


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