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A message for Black Men in the United States of America!


I was a counselor in a Drugs and Alcohol Rehabilitation Long-Term Program for the Homeless in Jacksonville, Florida. It was a nice sunny afternoon in the River City and I was getting ready for a one-on-one session with one very special student. To protect his privacy I will not use his real name; I will use Michael.

Michael was a man; physically strong, with a rough voice, a rough intimidating demeanor, very opinionated and long braided hair. Michael was a black man. I also should add that Michael spent over fifteen years in prison for murder. Michael was cool, but when he was upset it was a sight to see! He had been in the program for about four months at the time and he was added to my caseload because of the degree of difficulty in dealing with his type of personality. I was in my early forties at…

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