Are We a Christian Nation?


There is no such a thing as a Godly nation or a Christian nation. Mysteriously

enough, every nation that shaped itself to the mold of any religion become

hateful, violent and cruel against those who did not believe like they did. This

sad reality also involves nations who claimed to be Christians.

Beloved, even as we are in this world, we do not belong to this world system

(John 17:14-17). We are a separate holy nation with our own culture and our own citizenship (Philippians 3:20).

The devil is the God of this world system; that is a Biblical reality

(2Corinthians 4:4). True changes in a human behavior come from God. The church is the only light in this dark world (Matthew 5:14); the church is also the salt (Matthew 5:13) that preserves God’s righteousness. Without the church this world would be a million times worse. The mistake that many Christians are making is running to the political system to bring changes in society while turning their backs to the great commission. Jesus gave us these words,

19 “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the

name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to

observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even

to the end of the age.” Amen.


Furthermore, the continual insistence in painting the beautiful picture of this

nation as a Christian nation can’t be further from the truth. I can’t argue that

the first settlements were Christians. We know that they were Protestants that

came from England as they were trying to escape the brutal persecution of The

Church of England; they were called Puritans. As we follow church history in America, it is undoubtable that God has moved mightily. But we can’t confuse and mix our church history with our secular history. We can’t mix our original settlements and our founding fathers. Our original settlements were Christians; imperfect, but Christians. Our Founding Fathers were Masons. You can’t be a Christian and a Mason at the same time. Through all these years, that has been our greatest division; this is indeed the

foundation of all of our problems.

I encourage Christians to focus on Jesus, today more than ever. Know the truth; do not fall in the trap. The United States is part of the world system. On the surface, it has looked better than many of the other nations, but as part of the world system that belongs to Satan, we are also a nation filled with deceptive evil. It is not my intention to spread hate against this nation; we as

Christians are called to love. It is my intention for us to refocus and

understand the truth. We worship God and our Lord Jesus Christ as we are guided by the Holy Spirit. We are not a Christian nation, no one is, but we are a nation filled with many Christians. Our hope is not the government or going back to our founding father’s ways. Our hope is Christ Jesus, our hope is REVIVAL AGAIN!

Can We Just Talk?

On the Phone

Don’t you miss the times when people actually talk to each other over a cup of coffee, maybe some tea or juice? They actually pay complete attention to each other.
Now people talk to each holding a phone, while searching the net or texting somebody else. Even worst, you see them across the table from each other, each holding the phone and zero communication amongst themselves.
So many ways of instant communication surely has increased our communication’s quantity, but our quality… well, that’s a different story.
Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate technology, but I despise what is doing to us. I actually miss the days when people actually did nothing, but talk to each other. I guess those were the good all days!
Can we just talk?

The Man of God


The brother came to me to thank me for leading worship. I answered that I was glad that the people received it, because I did not know what to expect. The brother told me, “we are not supposed to know what to expect, the Holy Ghost should lead us.” I responded, “Thank you brother!”

          We should prepare, as pastors and ministers, to preach God’s Word. We need to pray and study hard. Musicians and singers, we need to pray and rehearse the music God has given us to minister to others. However, as we gather together, we must not only submit to the guidance of the Holy Ghost, but we must be humble enough to know that if God is not in it, we are truly wasting our time. For the Bible tells us,

 It shall come to pass in that day

That his burden will be taken away from your shoulder,

And his yoke from your neck,

And the yoke will be destroyed because of the anointing Isaiah 10:27 (NKJV)

          Without the anointing, we are wasting our time as ministers because there is no life-changing power. Worship in your secret place, pray, ask the Lord, seek His face, press on, study and consume yourself with HIM. After this, learn how to get out of the way and let HIM do whatever HE wants. 2 Chronicles 5:13-14 gives us a powerful formula,

 13 indeed it came to pass, when the trumpeters and singers were as one, to make one sound to be heard in praising and thanking the Lord, and when they lifted up their voice with the trumpets and cymbals and instruments of music, and praised the Lord, saying:

“For He is good,

For His mercy endures forever,”[a]

that the house, the house of the Lord, was filled with a cloud, 14 so that the priests could not continue ministering because of the cloud; for the glory of the Lord filled the house of God. (NKJV)

 These two verses give us a powerful formula indeed; a formula that is designed to bring the glory of God.

  1. A united Worship Team that spoke through songs and instruments.

  2. They sang songs that focused on communicating the following:

    A. The great works of God (Praise)

    B. Thanksgiving

    C. The character of God as a good and merciful God

  3. Ministers who recognize the service is no longer in their hands, but in the Lord’s. Verse 14 tells us, “so that the priests could not continue ministering because of the cloud; for the glory of the Lord filled the house of God.” (NKJV)

In our days, the house or the temple of the Holy Spirit is you and I. We have what these Old Testament folks wanted. Hebrews 11:39-40 tells us,

39 And all these, having obtained a good testimony through faith, did not receive the promise, 40 God having provided something better for us, that they should not be made perfect apart from us. (NKJV)

          But today’s days there is too much focus on, “The Man of God.” The problem with focusing on men is that they can’t deliver; only God can change your life. Man can give you a nice building, professional musicians and a whole lot of hype, but he can’t save you or your family.

          Our routine is sickening; the same man or woman preaches and teaches the Word Sunday after Sunday; the same Worship Leader “leads” the people into worship, the same people pray the same songs (New spontaneous songs are almost nonexistent) and the same order of service. It becomes a true tragedy when folks get used to this system. In the United States we basically have four kinds of churches: traditional white, Traditional black, charismatic black and charismatic white. Each group sounds the same within itself. This must change; this will change before the coming of the Lord!



A Response to Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley

I am not a famous person; I do not have access to millions of people with the message God has given me. But I have to say that I disagree with some of Charles Barkley’s comments regarding the riots in Ferguson. He stated, “Those aren’t black people, those are scumbags“.

     I agree that they do not represent all of us; however they do represent a portion of us. We can’t ignore their behavior and place all the blame on the police; we must take responsibility and do something about it. What I am seeing, for the most part, are young kids with total disrespect for authority.

     I am irritated by this new generation of civil right leaders, who walk around with ecumenical titles, but totally ignore Scripture. They are part of the problem; and by the way, Charles Barkley, they are also black. Romans 13:1-2 tells us,

13 Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God. Therefore whoever resists the authority resists the ordinance of God, and those who resist will bring judgment on themselves.” (NKJ)

    By disrespecting the police and people in authority in general, we are bringing judgment on ourselves. Are we teaching our kids how to get killed by the police? “Burn this mother F.. down…” is not the way we fight and win this fight. “Burn this mother F.. down…” coming out of the mouth of a grown man with his pants hanging off his butt is not the face of justice to me.

     Our greatest problem is not the police; our greatest problem is each other. I am black and I am Puertorrican. Puertorricans are killing Puertorricans in Puerto Rico and blacks are killing blacks right here in America. WE ARE OUR GREATEST ENEMY, not the police.

     How can we be so passionate about dealing with a less-than-one-percent issue (Police killing us for acting like fools most of the time) and totally ignore the 99% percent of the problem? We are the problem; the way we raise our kids and our total disrespect for authority; that’s the real issue! We are bringing judgment on ourselves!!!!!!! I did not say this, God did; is HE a racist to?

     During the days of Martin Luther King, the whole world saw on TV the brutality of the police as Dr. King and his follower peacefully marched. That brought about change; the greatest change in the history of the civil rights movements. But what did we see on TV coming out of Ferguson? Not only the “Burn this mother F.. down…”, but the actual destruction of many local business who were actually burned to the ground.

     I am not waiting for the government; especially for this particular government, I am not. Our President is part of the problem. By the way, Charles Barkley, he is also black. We are too busy blaming others and waiting for others to fix what is ours to fix. I can only do my part and you can only do yours.

     In my small karate class yesterday, I had young kids, a couple of teens and some adults. I felt very strongly about taking the time, at the end of my class, to teach these kids respect for the police. I was teaching them how to properly answer the police and how to properly react when interacting with them. I told them, if you are speeding and an officer stops you, cut the engine off, especially at night, place both hands on the steering wheel and respond by saying sir or madam. I told my kids, responding with respect and courtesy does not make you a punk, it makes you a mature person. I just felt an unbelievable sense of responsibility and fear for these kids. Not that their parents are not teachings them these things; but I wanted to reinforce their teachings.

     I trust that my Karate students will not get shot by the police over foolishness. My confidence is not based on our ungodly government or based on our new generation of so call, civil right leaders, but I have confidence in God’s Word as our absolute guide and on my student’s parents.

     We have too many ungodly voices with personal agendas out there; some of those ungodly voices are also coming out of our pulpits. They need to be quite, in the name of Jesus!

     We will make sure our children act like they have some sense when interacting, not only with the police, but with any person in authority and amongst ourselves. Let me also add that God placed our President and all of our leaders in their positions. Some leaders are there as an instrument of blessing, others for judgment and yet others as a reflection of society. We should not disrespect them either. Nevertheless, the Word of God is above them. The Bible also says,

“But he that knew not, and did commit things worthy of stripes, shall be beaten with few stripes. For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more.” Luke 12:48 (KJV)

     At the end of the day we are all accountable to God; some already know that, some will realize that later, some will realize the power of this truth as they burn in hell for resisting Christ. But make no mistake about it, “It is written: “‘As surely as I live,’ says the Lord, ‘every knee will bow before me; every tongue will acknowledge God.’” Romans 14:11 (NIV)