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Seven Components of Following Jesus

A timely message as we start the new year!



Dear GMAU Warrior and Disciple-

In an ever increasing global climate of apostasy and secular conformity, we must remain steadfast to the biblical principles of self-defense and life protection. The Bible says in 1 John 2:6, we ought to walk as Christ our Lord walked; putting our feet in His footprints, loyal to the divine will. Our lives as devout biblical warriors must be manifest by:

  • Self‑denial,

  • Cross bearing and

  • Following Jesus as demonstrated through loyal obedience. “If you,” John 8:31 says, “continue in My Word, then are you My real disciple.”

GMAU Brethren, it is a life pattern.

If we are to truly follow Jesus Christ, we abandon our own life of ease and luxury; our own security, our own confidence in materialism… we abandon our own selfish indulgence, our own desires, and we follow after Jesus Christ.

Following Jesus is the willingness to endure persecution, to endure rejection…

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