I discovered some time ago that the God I serve is not an external God, but an internal one. He is not a God that is way up there in an unreachable place, but is actually a God that sticks closer than a brother. I will go to church, because I am called to be in fellowship with others, but whatever happens or not in church will not affect my relationship with God because, I have access to Him in my secret place.

I will read books about Him, but if somebody steals my books or if they get burned in a fire I will not be moved because He is in my heart. You can take my Christian Gospel CDs, you can even take my Bible and throw me on an island to die; but still, even as weak as I am, I am sure that the God I serve will never leave me nor forsake me. In that I am so, so glad that my God is not an external God, but an internal one.

And that is precisely the point of this small message today; external things are surely encouraging, but if they are the foundation of our faith, God helps us when things around us are not so great, when we move to a hometown where the local churches do not have that powerful Sundays Service, when the music is far from the “style” we are use to, when the marriage seems at the end of the road, when the kids are acting crazy, when the preacher don’t hoop and holler like the ones we grew up with and worst of, when persecution hit our land.

Do you Know God? Just not any God, do you know the God I serve through His Son Jesus Christ? Know this, He is not an external God; you don’t really need to add anything to HIM. He does not need any assistance to be God. His majestic presence is available to us in our secret places. Knowing HIM is the only thing that will keep you alive through sickness, through tragedy, through divorces, through craziness, through foolishness and through every weapon in hell that is formed against you!

The greatest tragedy, the greatest sin and the greatest atrocity is to refuse to know the One that loves us the most, the One that offers the greater hope, the One that guarantees a prosperous future better than whatever we can ever desire for ourselves, the only One that can save us and the only One that can heal us. He is the Great I am; He is everything and infinitely more.

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