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“But if you do marry, you have not sinned; and if a virgin marries, she has not sinned. But those who marry will face many troubles in this life, and I want to spare you this.” (‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭7‬:‭28‬ NIV)

If your marriage is going through it right now, consider this. Those who tell you that marriage is all cookies, flowers, butterflies and sweet hot milk with honey, are lying to you.

Marriage will have you facing many troubles. Much junk will come out of your spouse after the wedding night and, most importantly, much junk will come out of you.

In First Corinthians 7, if you read carefully, the Apostle Paul is not promoting marriage. However, he establishes clearly that marriage is not a sin, that is ok to marry. He also speaks about the many troubles it will bring. Paul saw marriage as an obstacle to the fulness of our relationship with God.

However, the point is made very strongly, that if you can’t control yourself sexually, is better to marry. For those, like me, who do not posses the gift of self-control, you are better off marrying.

For those that are already marry and considering divorcing, I say, remember what was like before you got marry. Stop lying to yourself; you know it was rough! The Bible establishes, from the beginning, that it is not good for a man to be alone; this is speaking about those men without self-control.

Beloved, unless adultery or domestic violence are showing up at your house, take your time, remember those lonely nights and the crazy things you did, and fight for your marriage. Work it out; let that Agape Love flow…It is a worthy fight!

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