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A Quick Note Before Leading Worship Today


I am leading worship today at the local church my family and I are a part of; Harvest Church here in Fairbanks, Alaska. God has not instructed me to start any church or any ministry for that matter. I am to serve, help and work alone side whomever God tells me to do so for as long as He tells me to do so. With my wife at the piano and my song Angelo singing with me I hope; I really, really hope, for a divine interruption.
I have gotten to a point in my Christian walk where I want to see God’s glory. I tasted and I saw, first hand, how good HE is. He is so merciful, so filled with love and so passionate about saving and bringing us closer to HIM. I will never be able to understand that kind of love and I will not even try to understand that kind of commitment.
We mess up from the beginning, we openly betrayed HIM over and over, we crucified His Son and still, two thousand years later, the world mocks and rejects His Lordship like never before. Yet, God is still God and, still today, He wants to reveal Himself in a most powerful way.
The idea that God can be in a place and we continue business as usual is insulting for any basic student of the history of God’s glory. Church history is a part of that glory; but we have lost our way.
Today, I will sing about the awesomeness of God; not about His blessings, not about my struggles, not about what I can get, not about what I am going to do or not do, but about HIS awesomeness. So help me God! Oh how much I hope for that divine interruption! Yes, I rehearsed; yes, I am sure Pastor Keith studied this week and is prepare to give us a great message, but above all that; I want His glory manifested in our hearts today. Oh Holy Ghost… Take over!!!! Can today be the beginning of a great revival? That is my expectation!

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