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Martin Luther King’s Greatest Legacy

But how are we fighting today? Kids embracing a ghetto culture manifested through music that promotes and celebrates us killing each other. How are we fighting today? With bitterness, still blaming the white man for all of our troubles. How are we fighting today? We no longer take responsibility for our actions; because we suffered, we feel that now we have a free ticket to say and do whatever we want, that is including, becoming racist ourselves. How are we fighting today? Truth is no longer important, acting right is acting white, and we blame everything under the umbrella of racism. Every time we are confronted with our ignorance we start singing the same song of slavery, racism and bitterness. How are we fighting today? We place in front of the struggle for equality, leaders with demonic agendas of self-promotion and financial gain.


As I watched the movie Selma, I reflected on myself. Can I fight that kind of fight? Can I hold back as I see my wife getting punched and kicked in her face? Can I hold back as I see somebody assaulting my mother, father, daughters, sons or any perfect stranger? Have we stopped to consider how much faith in God, how much trust, and how much love is needed to be willing to endure such a barbaric thing? I am not sure that I have that much love within me, but Martin Luther King demonstrated exactly the kind of love I am describing.

Martin Luther King gave us a lesson on how to effectively fight. In the midst of his humanity he fought a fight of love. Indeed in the eyes of many, love looks weak. Malcolm X became the force that articulated the misunderstanding of what true love is…

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