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Leviticus? Yes, Leviticus


How many of you guys have set goals to read the Bible in a year and got stuck in the Book of Leviticus? I have taking the time to read the Bible in a year a few times, but going through Leviticus has mess up my one-year-reading-plan more than once. It is hard to go through that book!

The great British Bible scholar and author David Pawson offered three reasons why the book of Leviticus is so difficult. 1) It is boring; 2) It is totally unfamiliar to our culture. 3) It seems to be irrelevant.

I am one who will stop in a verse and stay there as long as I feel I am receiving revelation from the Lord. This year, however, I felt the prompting of the Holy Spirit to go through the whole Bible in a year. Using a Chronological Bible my dear wife bought for me, I started my plan.

Sure enough, I started very excited, but I saw the book of Leviticus approaching and I said to myself, here we go again! In my almost 18 years of preaching the Gospel, I must admit, that I have never preached anything out of the book of Leviticus.

Even before going into Leviticus, I asked the Lord to show me mysteries out of this book, to make it interesting and to make it fun. I know this book is part of the Bible, therefor there most be something for me to learn. I am now beyond Leviticus on my personal one-year-reading-plan. However, I am engaging in an exciting personal study of this book that is just blowing my mind. The Lord answered my prayer!

I hope you visit our blog during this time and enjoy the study of Leviticus as much as we are.

To be continued…

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