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The Cancer of Dependency

disable man

Many people will love and care for you. Some may even love you more than you love yourself. A good example of this love is the love that we get from our mothers. However, No one, not even our moms, can care for us or help us beyond the level we care and help ourselves.

We all need help at one point or another, but make no mistake about it; God created us with the healthy ability of providing for ourselves. Ultimately, we must remember, He is our provider.

If you are one who finds pleasure in being dependent and do not want to seek the freedom of doing things on your own; you have a moral cancer that will eventually destroy you and the society around you. You may say, what about the disabled and the elderly? Some are doing extraordinary things without arms, without legs and even without the ability to speak or see.

Laziness and dependency is that cancer that is deteriorating the morals that sustained our elders and the morals and job-ethics that at one point made us great! It is a sad day when people define how good or bad things are based on what they can or cannot get from the government. This is my advice for you,

  • Highschooler, are you a hardworking person? Are you good with your hands, then expand in your vocational training.
  • Are you an entrepreneur? Get a business degree, study and grow in your skill.
  • Are you intellectually smart? A Bachelor’s Degree is not enough; go for your Masters. Perhaps, believe God for your Doctoral Degree.
  • Can’t find a job in your town…MOVE!

Trust God and He will guide you and give you true prosperity!

Watch this video so can see a kid with only one leg doing extraordinary things,

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