I am an old-school dad; not always right, but always your dad. Not perfect, but never a dead-beat dad.

I will speak to you the first time, get a little louder the second time and by the third time I will be yelling or whooping your butt.

I am an old-school dad, and after God, I am the maximum authority of that home. I don’t believe in throwing you out after you turn 18, but you will contribute to the house and you will respect me as long as you live with me. The day you disrespect me because you feel you are grown, is going to be the day you will pay your own rent and you will start living on your own.

I am an old-school dad; I believe in you doing your part so we don’t live like pigs. So yes, I believe in chores. I believe in chores as a preparation for employment. You will not outwork me, but you will work.

I am an old-school dad and I am not your friend. I will hurt your little manipulative feelings at times, but I trust that later we could be friends. Later, you will treasure what I am trying to teach you today, and later you will realize my love for you, even in the midst of my humanity.

I am an old-school dad; you will not like me at times; but that is ok, because at times, I will not like you either.

Finally, I am an old school dad. God is first for me and then it’s your mom. I love your mom and I love you. I will gladly give my life for your good; but I will always point at my hero, the one that already gave His life for us. He is the only Savior and Lord of lords, Jesus Christ. I could fail and I will fail, but He never will. He is worthy to be called a father; I am still a work in progress, nevertheless your dad, an old-school dad.

One response to “I Am An Old-School Dad”

  1. alaskalandjoyce Avatar

    This was absolutely wonderful I loved it and what you wrote. You are defiantly a Christian father that means business, wish more thought like you…..

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