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A Shameful Hour For The United States


I want everybody to know that this is just the beginning; this is not even close to being enough. Watch! The same people that call themselves fighting for freedom will come after the church and attempt to take away your freedom.

They will demand to be marry in our churches (Already doing that), they will demand to be given an opportunity to be a part of the church staff, they will run ministries, “Christians” organizations, etc. while they openly declare their support for the homosexual agenda. Many recognize names, pastor of mega churches  will turn away from the truth on this mattern to gain money, power and fame. This is happening already, but it will get worst. Many churches will continue to support this agenda and totally ignore Scripture in the name of “Love” and tolerance.

I am not one to judge the world; that is God’s job; but we, as God’s people need to be ready to defend the truth in our local congregations. Don’t waste your energy going against what the world is doing; Matthew 24 is very clear that these horrible things will take place.

Understand that people can believe whatever they want to believe; in America you have the right to go to hell if you want to. However, don’t let them bring those lies to our local congregations. When they walk into our local churches with their anti-Christ ideas and false teachings we will not be silent;  we will not go with the flow of their political correctness and we will confront them face to face in the name of Jesus.

Still think this nation was founded in Christians principles? Yes, we have some of those principles, but the star of the constitution is not Christ, but rather our freedom to do what ever we want, as long as we don’t hurt others. However, it will be politically and socially acceptable to hurt us as Christians. That is why I always say, the Constitution can and will be amended to accommodate sin, but God’s Word never changes. If you placed your hope on a conservative ideology, know that some are also honoring this hour in the name of freedom.

I knew of the reality of this day coming. It was indeed a matter of time. I am surprise that this day is here already! I conclude with this; comparing this movement with the Civil Right movement is insulting, offensive, ignorant and stupid. Let me also add that, after slavery, this is the United State of America’s most shameful hour.

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