I realize that 20 years ago I started teaching Martial Arts. It was during the summer of 1995, a little after becoming a First Degree Black Belt, that I started teaching at the Arlington Police Athletic League in Jacksonville, Florida. It was a Saturday thing, but it was so much fun. Perhaps I enjoyed teaching you guys more than anybody else because you guys were family.

At the end of the summer, Nanette presented me with this glass cup on behave of the group. I had this cup for twenty years now; it was a little damage on my move to Alaska, but it still with me. It is that special!

I also remember an October night in 1997 when I took several of you to The Judgment House presentation at First Coast Christian Center. After the presentation I remember holding hands in a big circle, praying for you guys and leading you guys into receiving Jesus. I don’t know if it was real or no, but I remember seen several of you guys in tears and being touch by God.

I have been away for a long time, but I will always treasure the summer of 1995 and that October of 1997 night.


Much has happen since! Ileana died, I moved a couple times, went through a divorce, family issues, remarry, failures, mistakes, sins and here I am in Fairbanks, Alaska. Much has happened in you all lives also; good and not so good…that’s life! But I just want to write this small note just to let each one of you know that I love you much, that I find myself thinking about you guys often and that I desire the best for you all. Know that if you ever need me, and if I am able to help, I am here for you.

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