You see the troubles; it is easy to know what is wrong. People fall through the cliffs of their own ignorance, bad choices and bad influences.

You saw it coming; the catastrophe of your own choices can be seen in the horizon of things to come. You knew exactly where all that foolishness was going to take him, but you said… nothing.

You went as far as telling others; but when his eyes and ears were focused on the words of your mouth, you spoke; but you spoke about things without meaning and without value. The comfortable zone of superficiality ruled your empty conversation.

There is a conversation; a deep and profound conversation you need to have with your son, with your wife, with your husband or somebody who God allow you to see in their mess. God is showing that mess to you for a reason. Speak!!!! before their mess pushes them down the cliff of their own ignorance, bad choices and bad influence. Speak!!!!

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