Is anybody asking? Is anybody cares? Does anybody care to take a moment and consider philosophical concepts? Is anybody willing to give his/her own will for the spiritual realities that Jesus introduced to the world two thousand years ago? Is anybody willing to die for the cause of Christ?

If the days of my years’ proposed average of life expectancy are correct, I am 11 years over; that is, if my expectation to this dimension of life is 70 years.

There is a revival of the desire to know the deep things of my Lord, what brought me into this life, my purpose, when everything will end, and my legacy on this earth.

Are my children even interested? How do they see me? Am I a clown for them? A man in a different world who never care for theirs?

My mind is consume and at times terrorize by the thought that my own, are destined to miss the Lord because, I failed as His ambassador.

Do you see why it is easy to go with flow of things? Do you see why it seems better to speak about the superficial things of life? Do you see why so many spend their time in their egocentric world of texting, Instagram, Facebook, selfies, etc.?

We are always looking down at a technological devise while missing knowledge! And yes… While missing God!

We look for ignorance, we promote ignorance, we laugh at ignorance, we validate ignorance and we become… Well, we become ignorant!

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