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Why Were The Original Christians so Severely Persecuted?


The first 300 hundred years of Christianity were historically known for the brutality that the Roman Empire discharged against Christians. But the question is why? Why such hatred? Every other religion was allowed to practice their faith without any opposition.


Here are a few reasons for church persecution:

  1. Christians refused to worship the gods of Rome.
  2. They refused to attend the Romans Games.
  3. Christian builders refused to build any house dedicated to any  foreign god.
  4. They refused to go to the Romans hospitals because the patients at the Romans hospital were all dedicated to the god of healing. Many Christians died peacefully at home.
  5. Killing babies is not a new thing. The Roman Empire did not do abortions because they did not want the mother to be at risk. It was

common practice to leave the unwanted babies, especially girls, on the side of the road. Many of these babies were left to die; the girls in particular were picked up for prostitution. Christians passionately opposed to that.

  1. Christians did not consider a man unworthy because he or she was a slave; the Romans did.
  2. The Romans did not value women; Christians did because Christ came to the world through a woman.

         Beloved, these are some of the main reasons why for the first 312 years of church history Christians were humiliated, persecuted and murderer in the most horrendous ways. These were Christians that understood that they were called to be holy. However, in all of these persecutions the Christian faith grew in astonishing numbers.

         By only worshiping Jesus and by the way they relate to slaves, women, and children, they were in direct opposition to the Roman culture of the day. For that, they paid the price; these brothers and sisters were willing to die for their faith and many indeed and gladly did. Compare that kind of commitment to holiness to the foolishness we see today.

         You may ask, what were the results of such commitment? This was the most powerful church ever recorded in the history of the church. Should I say any more?

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