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I am knocking people out of their horses; for they are busy in their own Damascus. I will blind them for a season to deal with their false traditions of Me. Traditions that are detestable before my sight for they have become idolatry. They have turned lies into truth. Their doctrines are doctrines of demons designed to move my people away from Me and away from my mandates. Their souls are defected with pride and lack of love. They approach my Word, when they do, to accommodate their traditions; they don’t come in humility to learn my ways. My people are perishing for lack of knowledge, but most of all, they are perishing for their lack of fellowship with ME. They don’t think is important; they have lowered the standards; they don’t want to learn about me. Where are the disciples? Where are the teachers? Where are the elders? Where are the pastors? Your fellowships are unholy, because that is what you desire. You think you know; you say, “all I learned I learned from the Holy Spirit”, but many of what you know is the result of your own flesh accommodating your prideful sins. Many are lukewarm, that is what you are when you call your self a Christian, but have an inconsistent prayer life. Your prayer life reflects your pride, that you don’t know how much you need ME, that you don’t really love Me, that you feel you can do all things through your own abilities. You are persecuting Me, says the Lord, in your silence, in your apathy, in your lukewarm example to the world and in your lack of love for one another, you are persecuting Me.

So I, the Lord God, I am knocking people out of the prideful horses of their lives as an act of love and I am changing your direction as I did my servant Paul.






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