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After Two Years in Fairbanks, Alaska


The beggining

God is faithful; a statement that we use and hear constantly; that is, because it is true.


Making Progress

            I came to Fairbanks, Alaska in the middle of a two-year study of revivals and church history. I was particularly impressed with the Azusa Street Revival. Because of that, I wanted to be a part of a Church of God in Christ Church. I realized very quickly that we should not be chasing after revivals, we should be chasing after God.

            Coming to Alaska was not an easy task; different climate, not knowing anybody and being so far from family and friends, still today, is difficult. God blessed me with a job as a Job Coach at Fairbanks Resource Agency, and then I became a Care Coordinator with the same agency. About a year ago I left FRA and started working for ResCare Alaska as a care coordinator also.


Working Hard!

            The federal government decided some years back that it was a conflict of interest for care coordinators to work with agencies that offer services to our consumers. Therefor, care coordinators were forced out of these agencies to either work independently or, like many did, quit that profession.

            ResCare offered me another job; they made it very clear that they wanted to keep me working with them. However, on a bicycle ride during the summer I heard the voice of the Lord in my heart, “Faith Base Care Coordination”. I told only my wife, but I did not know what to do with the information.

With my Good Friend Pat Keyser

                In a conversation with Pat Keyser, the other care coordinator who I first met at FRA, we realize that we both shared the common feeling that we did not like the job that ResCare was offering to us. We love the agency, we love our supervisor; however, our hearts were into care coordination. From that moment on we started the process of establishing our own care coordination business. Wow, what a journey!


            I have a second building in our home. That building is divided in two. One is my wife’s sowing room and the other was my room for me to do whatever I wanted. I had many ideas in the last couple of years, but finally I knew what that building was for. Pat and I started working on building a couple of office spaces and a closet. We work so hard!

            As of December 7, 2015 Fusion Care Coordination and Keyser Care Coordination Services are oficially in business. I own my own business, praise the Lord! I was able to keep all of my clients. God, again, has shown himself faithful in this whole process. Pat Keyser and I share the same building, but we are each independent.


My Office

            As great as having my own business is, the highlight of 2015 for me was going back to teaching God’s Word in a consistence basis. After two years and not finding much of a purpose for me here in Alaska, God open a door for me to teach a Disciple Curriculum that is being in my heart for some time now. I am grateful for Pastor Jeff at North Pole Church of God House of Prayer for giving me the opportunity to serve as a teacher of God’s Word.


Pat “The Hunter” Keyser’s Office

           After two years in Alaska I find plenty of reason to wake up in the morning and face the blessing and challenges of each day. God is indeed faithful.

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  1. You ave been very busy indeed. Nice work. -GMH


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