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We Don’t Need Hollywood, We Need Jesus!

Hollywood Sign
Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA — Hollywood Sign — Image by © Robert Landau/CORBIS

I don’t even think that we as Christians should even engage on this Oscar’s conversation; it is their mess; it is the secular world. But I was compelled to make a statement as the direct result of a white Christian brother’s insensitive remarks on this matter.

We don’t get to start all over again; history is history with the good, bad and ugly! For some reason the wounds of racism in this country are still tender; it still hurts every time is touched.

We as minorities will have to find our validation only in God. ? I don’t think that is a bad thing. Have you ever consider doing a study on, according to God’s Word, who we are in Christ. We did not have any super heroes growing up. No Superman, No Spider man, no great Cowboy Hero, No James Bonds, etc.

Do you, white brothers and sisters, have any idea of what that does to a child growing up? Not looking at any super hero coming out of Hollywood that looks like them? Do you?

Do you know of the many Latinos and Black kids that wanted to be white just because the image they saw of the white man in movies and on TV? Always the smart one, always the one who end up with the pretty girl, always the hero, always the one who resolved everything; while the black man was the first one to die on the movie and the black woman in charge of cleaning the white man’s mansion. Do you really know what that does to our thinking?

Not only that, but in real life the police was white, the doctor was white, the lawyer was white, the famous coach was white, the Senator was White, the President was white and if you wanted to go to a good school, the teachers and the principal were white also. Oh I know, there were some blacks in these positions to, but history does not even mention them. That is why we needed to come up with a black history month. Not that our youth care, but they should.

So, I can care less that Hollywood did not find anybody that look like me worthy of even a nomination.

But I cry out in the desert and I plead with the souls of my brothers and my sister. Look up to the mountains; not the mountain where the big letters of Hollywood are? But look even higher, for our redeemer lives and he loves us and has a purpose for us. For my Bible tells me that the last shall be first.

So look up Haiti, look up Jamaica, look up Africa, look up all my Caribbean brothers and sisters and yes, look up my Afro-American brothers and sisters. We don’t need Hollywood, we need Jesus!!!!


I will lift up my eyes to the hills—

From whence comes my help?

2 My help comes from the Lord,

Who made heaven and earth. Psalm 121:1-2 (NKJV)


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