I am not a politician nor an expert in politics; but I am an American citizen who pays attention to the political process. I am 47 years old; I saw myself as a Democrat; but not for too long. I became a Conservative Republican and voted for Bush twice. Then I voted for Obama (Big Mistake). This last election I almost did not vote, but I did, reluctantly, give my vote to Mitt Romney.  I say reluctantly because for the last five plus years I am a registered Independent Conservative. I feel that the Republican party left me a long time ago.

I write this blog because I am disgusted with the Republican Party. Listen, I am not crazy about Donald Trump; however, I respect our democratic system. I feel that the Republican establishment is not listening to the American people and are not respecting the democratic process. We, the people, decide who we vote in for any elective office, not you guys.

I considered voting for Marco Rubio, not in a great committed way, but the consideration was there. I saw how the establishment wanted Jeb Bush. The failure of his candidacy  should have been a clear message for this controlling establishment that, we the people, do not want another cheeseball candidate.

Now I see them supporting Marco Rubio. As soon as I saw that, my consideration for Rubio expired. If I had any doubt, when I saw Mitt Romney supported Rubio, that was my confirmation. But when I heard that Romney is going to be giving a speech tomorrow and when I hear some these republicans talking about that they will not support Trump is he is the winner, that completely did it for me. You guys have lost your way! You are as socialist as Sanders; that is not the way our political system works. You are behaving worst than the Democratic party.

Republican establishment:

This is not up to you, it is up to us. We decide who we want to put in the White House. What you are doing is disgusting and could represent the end of your party. No wonder you guys were not able to defeat Obama; one, if not the worst president in the history of this nation who, in that condition, mopped the floor with Romney. The same Romney that you guys are calling on today to rescue your political foolishness! No wonder you are struggling with a weak candidate such as Clinton and, no wonder a socialist, in AMERICA, is making so much noise.


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