The Problem With Trump


I believe that the issues with Trump is the same issue we had with Obama. They both lack the understanding that they are supposed to be everybody’s president. I think that the United States of America had in President Obama the first president that purposely divided the country.

         George Wallace, the legendary governor of Alabama, was a four-time failed presidential candidate in spite of the fact that he was a good and popular governor in Alabama. However, his message was a divisive message. George Wallace was a racist who stood on the way of Martin Luther King fight for civil rights. His famous saying: Segregation today, segregation tomorrow and segregation forever became his the heart of his story as a politician. Even as his rallies were filled with enthusiasm, just as Trump’s rallies are, he could not capture the presidency.

         A President is the president of us all; educated, not educated, the ones that are right and the ones that are wrong, the socialist, the democrats, the republican, the Christians, the Muslims, the atheist, the black, white, Latino, Native American, the good, the bad and even the ugly; every group, every religion, and every person!

         George Wallace ended up being shot and paralyze for the rest of his life. In his case, he repented, he asked for forgiveness and in his last four years as a governor was able to redeem himself and follow up with all the promises he made the Afro-American community who forgave him and were the group that gave him the victory for his last four years as the governor of Alabama.

         Why did Obama win? He went against two non-conservative weak candidates; John McCain and Mitt Romney. Today the nation is more divided than ever; but the Democratic Party is indeed united. Bernie Sanders does not consider the issues of Hillary Clinton’s emails and Benghazi, important enough to attack and the Democrats are, massively supporting Hillary. Republicans, on the other hand, are supporting candidates that the people do not want, but they are facing the Trump problem.

         Trump will be a very bad national candidate, but at the same time, without a doubt, he is very popular among a big portion of our society. Nationally speaking, he faces the same problems that Wallace faced; perhaps he is not electable. He does speak violence and has shown very little care for people. We have witness the many times this man has contradicted himself.

           He gives me the impression that he takes what is happening around his rallies as some kind of reality show; he gives me the impression that he does not understand the danger and

he gives me the impression of a careless attitude.

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