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Trump: Equally Wrong for America


What every conservative, me included, is asking him or herself is, can we vote for Trump?

I took Trump serious from the beginning; however I have a problem with him that goes beyond his remarks against my Mexican brothers, his disgusting comments against Kelly, the 2 Corinthians, issues at his rallies, the sucker punch, Chicago, the KKK, issues with his campaign manager, viciously attacking Cruz’s wife and most recently, his nuclear and abortion comments to Chris Matthew.

All of these examples are the reflection of a deeper issue. This is a man with a profound pride issue. This sick arrogance is found in the fact that this is a man who, in his head, can’t do anything wrong. He has no need for repentance!

He stated that he tried not to make mistakes, so he don’t have to repent, but how many mistakes has he made in the last couple of weeks alone? Still, no apology and, no acknowledgment of wrongdoing. This is extremely dangerous! This worldview will lead to corruption like we have never seen before in the history of this country.

In one hand we see a President who apologizes for America all over the world. On the other hand we have in Trump somebody who can’t find anything wrong with himself or his supporters; but who viciously attacks everybody who dares to point out his obvious imperfections.

I am not happy with the Republican establishment, but let me also make this point clear; if when going into the convention Trump leads in delegates, he should be the Republican candidate. Nevertheless, I will not vote for Trump. You may say, not voting for Trump is voting for Hilary or Sanders. You are correct! The problem is that I consider these three candidates equally wrong for America.

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