It looks like this presidential election is going to be between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The question is, are Christians obligated to vote? To start answering that question we must first ask ourselves, is this political system approved by God? The answer is “NO”. The political system approved by God establishes HIM as the clear KING and, a human leader as a judge. (Book of Judges).

         When the nation of Israel asked for a king the request was highly offensive to God; the people were actually rejecting God. (1 Samuel 8). Even after God warned them of the negative consequences of having a government rule by a king, the people insisted in having a king. So God gave the people what they wanted; however He still found a way to release His blessing through Godly kings who listened to His prophets.

         Eventually that political system did what God said was going to do; abused the people and rebelled against God. What we have today is a political system that is even further away from God’s will.

         I have voted in all elections since becoming a Christian, and I have never advocated not voting; however, this election is different. You think Trump is a Christian? Think again and keep watching; when you gather his fruit show it to me. On the other hand, I don’t think I have to spend too much time convincing you that Hillary’s lies are well documented.

         Beloved, don’t let anybody manipulate you into voting. We as Christians are not obligated to vote or be involved in the political system and, if there is a year that justifies for Christians not to vote is this one. Our obligation is to God and to God alone. We have an obligation to pursue holiness, to study and apply God’s Word in our lives and to preach the Gospel. Our trust is in God, not on Hillary or Trump; no human being has the capacity to turn this nation around; don’t let them fool you!

           I do understand that the president is not a part of the clergy of a nation; nevertheless these two candidates are so far away from our values as Christians that a vote for them is a direct compromise of our faith. I insist that we, as Christians, are not called to change the world; the world will get worst and eventually collapse according to Revelation 18. We are called to change lives through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.



Please read for a deeper understanding of the Christian relationship with the world:





One response to “Are Christians Obligated to Vote?”

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    There is always a third party candidate that is worthy of a vote. If all the people who are sick of the Two party system then we should vote ourselves out of that. Some have told me I have wasted my vote or that They would not vote because the candidates didn’t fulfill all of their ideas. I have voted for a lot of independent and third party candidates over the years. I am not ashamed. I always fill like even if My guy doesn’t win my vote made a statement. Lets just say if everyone dug deep and research a third party candidate they will do a better job then Trump or Hillary voted for that third party person. It may not keep them out of the white house but it would change America in a mighty way. It would speak volumes if 25% of the vote went to third party candidates. If 40% went to third party that would change a nation. If a candidate won. that would change the world. We have 6 months to figure out who that will be.


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