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Do I believe in Christian Music? Yes I do; but if is use as a tool to control emotions or the mood in the room, I don’t! With music you can make somebody sad, even cry. With music you can make somebody feel happy, energize, courageous and even inspire. Music can be sensual, vulgar and very violent.

                 Music is selective; some love the black sound others the Latino rhythm, yet others prefer a more Anglo style; some prefer Michael W. Smith, yet others Fred Hammond’s style. While one is lost “in the anointing” as he listens to his “jam”; the other is annoy by the very same sound. Some go crazy and lost in God’s presence with “Amazing Grace”, “All is Well” and “To God be the Glory”, while others are not move at all, but indeed bored.

            I do think that music is overrated and, even as I believe in having an anointed worship team in churches, it should never be the most important aspect of our service and it should never be substituted by the teaching of God’s Word… NEVER! I believe that many of our charismatic churches are catering to the emotions while neglecting what truly delivers a soul… BIBLICAL TRUTH!

            Many are playing the music loud, playing the jam that people like, catering to the flesh with very little infusion of Spirituality and not much teaching of our Dogmas as Christians. Where do you see a protagonist role in music ministry in the New Testament? It is not there! To see music you must look at the Old Testament, specifically, the Levites. Show me then, where do you see the Levites playing before the world as a way of bringing them to God? Is not there!

            We must get to a point where a Bible, a pen and a notebook suffices; no need for special sounds, special music selection or a slow song to make us cry. In that secret place, in that place of silence, our souls should thirst and hunger for God.

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