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It has been a strange process here in the golden heart city; closer to three years later it seems like God is taking me to a process of preparation and equipping and also a great conviction to finish some old projects I started years ago; two in particular. Finishing a real personal Music CD I started in Nashville, Tennessee and a book I started while residing in Jacksonville, Florida. The Lord told me this is the year of finishing what I started.

            I feel like I have been hiding for the last three years; from very active in ministry in North Carolina I am now not so active. Preached some in my local church, but lately not so much. I am working on one of two masters I would like to complete. A masters on Pastoral Counseling, later a masters in Apologetics and then, I hope to finish my doctorate; not sure in what.

            Perhaps Fairbanks saw my true retirement as a Martial Arts Instructor; I have absolutely no passion and absolutely no time to teach martial arts. I am considering however, for the sake of exercise, to engage in taking a new style of martial arts. Just thinking about for now!

            In December I am planning to go to Merida, Mexico. I can’t wait! My focus will be to minister at “Iglesia La Hermosa” with Pastor Andrés Briceño Ruiz, a good friend and a good brother.

            How long am I going to stay in Fairbanks? I don’t know! I am blessed to have my own business as a Care Coordinator with Fusion Care Coordination working with the elderly and people with special needs. This has provided the freedom to be able to control my time and focus more on my relationship with God and on these project I mentioned. Is all this a preparation to be eventually use here in Fairbanks? I don’t know either! But for now I take it one day at the time.


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