God is not simple; it is an insult to call Him so, for who understand the mind of God? Nevertheless, we must find God in the simplicity of our lives! In the waking up in the morning to new mercies, in the gift of a saved soul, in the priceless moments with our families, in a good conversation, in the beauty of a sunny day, in the dignity of making a living, in a walking alone with God, in the freedom that we still have to study the Word, in the voice of the Holy Ghost and in a paper and pen.

I am not waiting for the next move of God or subscribing to this or that idea of who He is. I have access to Him now. God got this! That is revival!

He is the Creator, He is Goodness and He is Justice! He is the author and finisher of our faith, yes; He got this!

I am growing in grace and in the knowledge of my King. God has managed to navigate His will through history and the resistance of evil men. If He is with me who can dare stand against His purpose for me?

Yes! God got this! He is God when I am in the mountaintop, when I am in the valley or when I am in the desert. He is God whether I can sense His presence or not; when I am filled with laughter, when my heart is trouble or when my tears do not let me see the way, He is God.

He is God whether He answered my prayers or not. He is God in the supernatural and He is God in the simplicity and routine of the natural. He got this!

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