Month: June 2016

Evangelicalism: The Heart of What We Are, Believe and Do

From Africa came the theology presented by St. Augustine; a theology still relevant today. England gave us John Wycliffe, the morning start of the reformation. Czech Republic gave us John Huss who gave his life for the truth and inspired the Moravian Church. From Germany Martin Luther raised his voice against the heresy of the

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Challenging the Authority of the Fathers at Home

Before they started challenging the authority of the police; before they started mocking the teachers at school; before they started disrespecting the pastor, before they started rebelling against all forms of authority, they disrespected their fathers at home.          God has not made anybody better than any other, but he has given specific responsibilities and

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Sick of the Name it and Claim it Generation

I don’t know what is more upsetting to me, the wing of the church that seems to be totally insensitive to the move of the Spirit or, the name it and claim it crowd?             I am growing increasingly frustrated with the Charismatic Movement in all levels because they continue to neglect the reality of

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