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A Different Kind of Terrorism


You insult me when you imply that there is no other way for me, as a minority, to make it without Government assistance.

You insult me when you celebrate the fact that more of us are on food stamps, that more of us receive Medicaid and that more of us continue to live in the Ghetto.

You insult me when you fight for an increase of minimum wage in low-level skill jobs as if I can’t do any better. Don’t insult my intelligence! You continue to feed out of the ignorance of my people, but there is an awakening coming!

I thank you for the fish you have given me to survive, but now I know how to catch my own fish. I know that makes you uncomfortable, for as you were inspired to fight for your own independence, you arrogantly closed your eyes to the right of others for there own.

I am not stopping there; I am striving to own the lake. Are you ready to see me face to face? Are you ready for our eyes to meet at the same level?

Yes, we were victims of a different kind of terrorism. You terrorized us through slavery, you bullied us, you took our land in the name of God; you felt entitle to do so, you expanded to the west and disrespected the frontier of a weaker nation. The new shape of the United States of America is the result of a robbery.


I know, I know… you want to erase those pages out of your history, but the blood of the African, the blood of the Native and the blood of the Mexican are crying day and night, night and day before God!

You have convinced our people that we can’t make it without your government programs; that somewhat we are deficient… that we need your help! Many of our people are curse with that destructive mentality; curse with lack of love for ourselves and curse with the spirit of “I can’t”.

You convinced us that we were less than you; through Hollywood you presented a distorted picture of white supremacy. No African Hero, no Latino Hero and no Native Hero!

Our hearts were bitter, some still are; some are still trapped in poverty, violence, drugs and alcohol abuse. But we know that our freedom is found in forgiving your atrocities and terror. We also know that plenty of your own blood was shed for our cause of freedom.


We declare our love for you as your brothers; for my Bible tells me in First Corinthians 13 that love never fails. Respectfully, our hope does not come from you, our hope comes from God.[1] He never left us and He will never forsake us. The last shall be first[2] and our day of redemption will indeed come.[3]

            When that day comes, we will not rule over you, we will not repay you with hate, we will rule and reign together in harmony, loving God above all things and loving each other as we also love ourselves. There will be no divisions, no violence, no hate crimes and no terrorism. Jesus Christ himself will be the ruler of all rulers and will show us how he intended this world to truly function in this dimension of life.


[1] Psalm 62:5

[2] Matthew 20:16

[3] Titus 2:14

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