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I want to take this time to thank God, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. I want to thank Mrs. Santana, one of my high school teachers, for allowing me to see that indeed, God gave me a gift to write.

I want to thank Pastor José Bosque for inviting me to write small articles for one of his websites. I want to thank Pastor Wallace who saw the good, the bad and the ugly in me but was always eager to encourage me to write.

I want to thank my wife Rayette Casiano for asking the question that provoked the writing of this book. I want to thank Frank Bennett for also being part of the inspiration to the writing of this book. I want to acknowledge the following people who, when asked for their opinions for a possible title for this book, they responded immediately: Dr. Michael L. Hadsall, Pastor Sandy Outlaw with whom I serve together in ministry, Pastor Jonathan Rissmiller, whom I consider not only a brother but a friend, Suzan L. Brown, Josué Ramos, Pastor Alex Meadows, Pastor Jeff Oden, senior pastor of the local church where I have the honor to currently serve as a teacher of God’s Word, Pastor Keith Kurber, whose middle name should be “Encouragement,” Chris Chestnut, Erika Harrison, Dr. John Russell, another dear brother who always encourages me to write, and Pastor Rochelle Olson.

Finally, I want to acknowledge one of my personal doctors, but most importantly, a friend, Dr. Michael Fitch. I consider many of our conversations priceless!

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